Split Log Farms is an Artisan Cheese Shop in Tulsa, OK

Welcome to Split Log Farms, a local cheese shop in Tulsa, OK that operates as a truly unique artisan experience serving a variety of flavored cheese. We are a good, old-fashioned family recipe manufacturer of artisan blended cheeses. We provide the down-home goodness of a product based on an old family recipe handed down from generation to generation. We're here to share the taste of our fine cheese with families in the local area. Our cheese is something to be enjoyed together with loved ones around a table.

The types of cheese we serve are:

Our family owned and operated company is committed to becoming the number one cheese shop in the Tulsa area that serves the best blended cheese. Trust our team of cheesemongers to have the skills and experience necessary to serve artisan blended cheese. We are graduates of Kitchen 66, a local food incubator in Tulsa. From there we learned how to perfect our craft in making all types of delicious flavored cheese. We do it the old-fashioned way by mixing cheeses, weighing it out, rolling it by hand, and finally wrapping it in wax paper and butcher paper to allow the cheese to breathe.

If you are interested in stopping by our cheese shop or would like to learn more about the process of how we make our artisan blended cheese, go ahead and visit us at Split Log Farms today for more information. 

Split Log Farms is an Artisan Cheese Shop in Tulsa, OK
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  • Artisan Blended Cheese
  • We Represent Down-Home Goodness
  • Family Oriented

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  • Tulsa, OK
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